Deccori may be a new name in the interior design market, but we have been operational for far longer. Originally called IDBD, we have been providing the highest standard of service to clients for six years now.

We may have undergone a makeover, but we still pride ourselves on ensuring 100% client satisfaction. Our aim is to have an individual approach which respects the client’s choices and does not cost them a fortune either.

We comprehend the client’s wishes, whether it pertains to space or style. Our company believes in imparting a hassle free service, which incorporates all the client’s desires and is not exorbitant as well.

Our Story


We offer a highly personalised design service with particular focus on creating bespoke and considered interiors that reflect our client’s hopes and dreams.

Our turnkey and build approach allows clients to have a dedicated point of contact throughout the project, from the get go to the planning until the completion and final handover. Deccori also serves as a creative partner to realise our client’s vision.

Our objective is to craft original and thoughtful ideas. Our input is sensitive to the building, its location and heritage. We understand how to improve the flow, layout and functionality of a specific space and enhance your property’s value commercially and intrinsically.

Deccori coordinates and manages all professional design teams and suppliers who are involved in the developmental phase of our projects. We oversee our projects so that they are finalised in a timely manner.


Our Service


We have established longstanding links with our clients by providing an inspired and unique service, and couture design. At Deccori, we are delighted that we are home to a talented and passionate group of interior designers and architects.

Deccori offers a number of services:

  1. Concept Design
  2. Interior Architecture
  3. Residential Interior Design
  4. Commercial Interior Design
  5. Design Management
  6. Construction
  7. Dressing & Living

Our Team


Speaking of which, we employ a sublime line-up of designers, architects as well as several technicians, project managers and contractors to boot. Each and every one of our employees take pride in upholding our extraordinary level of service.

Additionally, the business, technical and creative experts at Deccori work at our cosmopolitan studios. Together, they can address and resolve the most demanding requirements of our projects.



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