What We Do


1. architecture what we do

We at Deccori understand each architecture project as a direct response to the place and the needs and requirements of the client. We work from the basic and essential ideas on the tradition understood simply as architecture – adapting expertly to the place and to the use, the location, the orientation, the sunlight and the light, the form and the volume. Our challenge is to reach people, with stunning architecture.

We are open and flexible with our approaches of the project, always thinking of the end user, taking special care in the relationships established between the different spaces, whether interior or exterior, in their proportions and in the treatment of light. We believe in an architecture designed to be fully functional and well inhabited.

The purpose is to establish a close relationship between the building and its physical and social environment, which helps optimise the use of its energy resources and minimise its footprint through integration.


design waht we do

Deccori seeks to make each space a comfortable, practical space, full of balance, personalised and in accordance with the objectives and expectations of customers. We believe that the space in which we live can influence the way we see and deal with the world: a harmonious room can make an opportunity tomorrow.

A dynamic and comfortable workspace can foster a passion for the profession. An exceptional shop interior can awaken the desire to buy.

Spaces do not necessarily have to be static. They can and should change according to the personality of those who live there. Interior projects begin only after knowing the expectations, preferences and wishes of the clients. To achieve these objectives, the Deccori design team focuses on communication, interaction through many channels and presentation of solutions framed in customer expectations. Our unbridled passion to creating the foremost interior designs with our vastly experienced team is what sets us apart.


3. construction

Deccori’s mission is to provide construction services of the highest quality, standing out for the details and excellent completion of our projects, offered to our clients at a fair price. We aim to provide all the necessary components to satisfy the needs of a market that seeks efficient compliance with schedules and budgets, with excellent control of both safety and quality.

Here at Deccori, we are proud to be a leading company in the construction sector, agile, modern, effective and competitive, satisfying with excellence, dedication, responsibility and solidity the needs of the client and their environment.


4. project mamagment

Deccori has a clear objective and well-defined values ​​when it comes to making or participating in our projects. The goal is to fully satisfy the customer’s expectations. To achieve this goal, four guiding principles or values ​​have been used: Quality, Efficiency, Honesty and Responsibility.

The company’s experience in construction, architecture and interior design covers the total execution of projects as general contractors, as well as the management, administration, technical direction and / or supervision of projects.

In the technical aspect, our company has been characterised by applying the principles of Architecture and Engineering in construction. To put into practice the concepts of design, the details, and to respect the constructive norms, brings us true satisfaction as a company and as professionals of the area.

In the administration of projects, Deccori has been accredited by a transparent and optimal management of economic and human resources. This way of the company managing and directing projects, has allowed us to fulfil some truly amazing results time and again.