Transform your Abode and Augment Its Value

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There are several determinants a home owner must consider if they want to increase its valuation. If you’re looking to sell your London home, you may want to carry out renovation before you put it on the market.

We will share a few useful tips regarding your London home and its interior design.


If you have made your mind up and are determined to sell your London home, it makes sense to arrange a new coat of paint to be applied all over. We strongly recommend this for your London dwelling simply because it is a cost effective measure.

Surely, you don’t want to exhibit your London home to potential buyers if the walls are tainted with stains. Whether you call in the experts or believe in the DIY approach, the application of fresh paint is beneficial.

It will give your home a vibrant look, which will undoubtedly impress prospective buyers. Of course, you can quote a higher price if the house has been reinvigorated with fresh paint. Experts also suggest applying ivory to the walls as it adds to the value of homes.

Interior Design

Another suggestion that we genuinely believe in is supplementing your rooms with new upholstery, curtains or blinds, sofa, armchair or even a bed. Revamping the interior design of your home will give it different aesthetics altogether.

Furthermore, in addition to the brand new paint, your home will look its best. This will certainly make an indelible impact on buyers.

Adding any of the aforementioned items can make a difference because it improves the feel of your entire house. Even something as trivial as new lampshades can do the trick. Showing interested buyers that your home is a space where they can feel comfortable is vital to securing the sale. If you succeed in doing so, there is little doubt you will have many suitors soon.


It goes without saying that any buyer of your London home will require ample space. You may consult the best interior designers London- deccori has to offer, but we believe you can add more storage options to your dwelling.

We are sure any interior designer in London will concur with our assessment. Unless you believe in being a minimalist, you must have dedicated storage space inside your London home. This is because the absence of such an option is likely to decrease the valuation of your property as opposed to increasing it.

Therefore, we advocate opting for alternatives like open shelves in areas like the laundry area or kitchen. This will add to the convenience of the eventual inhabitants of the house.

Installation of Appliances

Yet another viable option that London home owners can explore is to configure gas or electrical appliances in their abode. While upholstery and minor construction are excellent ideas, appliances are equally important if not more.

If you live in a climate that is predominantly cold, gas heaters may be a heaven sent for inhabitants. And as it serves your purpose of augmenting the value, why not go for it?

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