The Latest Kitchen Ideas that You Need to Know

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Whether it’s your shoes or your shirts, you are always likely to be influenced by whatever fad is in vogue. The same rules apply to the interior design of your London home. If you consult with the high end interior designers London Deccori, they’ll inform you about the latest trends for your abode.

We want to focus on a specific area of your London home – the kitchen. You can implement the latest style choices in your kitchen if you want. We will recommend a few of these ideas below:

Smart Kitchens

You’ve heard of smart televisions. You probably use a smartphone, but do you know about smart kitchens? Yes, this is a nascent idea that has influenced many home owners around the world. You can make the kitchen in your London home into a smart one!

Smart kitchens utilise technological means to add convenience for users. Imagine a motion sense enabled faucet in your kitchen. This is essentially the idea of a smart kitchen.

Interior design has evolved to reflect this change as well. In fact, if you are on the verge of the construction of your London home, you can add this detail so that it becomes a part of the blueprint.

On the other hand, if you’ve been residing in your property for ages and have no plans for renovation, then you may want to implement ideas like sensors and smart gadgets so you can have a smart kitchen too.

It is even possible to install refrigerators that can notify you when certain items are about to finish. Another latest invention allows users to ascertain when their edibles are nearing expiry. All of this is possible when you opt for a smart kitchen.

Quartz Counters

Trends may come and go, but one interior design idea that has stood the test of time is quartz counters in the kitchen. Speak to the best interior designers London and they will most likely agree.

We suggest a quartz countertop for several reasons. For instance, is it extraordinarily durable and lasts for ages too. It doesn’t require considerable maintenance either.

Furthermore, home owners can now choose from various colours when construction of their home is underway. Also, if you’re considering a renovation, then you can have a quartz countertop in any colour you want.

Imagine an enduring countertop in your preferred colour and with a stone texture as well. It can change the entire impression of your kitchen.

Storage Cabins – use  pantry instead

You really didn’t think you could have a kitchen without storage options did you? Another trend that has made a return is the idea of adding cabinets in the kitchen to make storage easier.

Utilising space is a vital for London home owners and adding cabinets in the kitchen is a viable option. If you want a functional and practical kitchen, then you must have cabinets.

Whether you want to put your cutlery there or put various spices and condiments, having storage options in your kitchen is an excellent idea.

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