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The approach to each project is completely individual, the client can choose whether he/she would like to be involved or to sit back and let the Deccori team to design it all.

Our skilled team of designers will present you with various design schemes and lighting, furniture where all selections will be decided according to your taste. Design services are packaged according to your needs, so you have options suiting your timing and budget. We are here to create a functional, attractive and homey environment that is beneficial to a better quality of life.


At this point you will have gained planning permissions, received all relevant documents, drawings, calculations; ready for us to commence the construction.

The project will run with all the necessary health and safety aspects, taking also into consideration your neighbours.

We will install kitchens, bathrooms and all plumbing and electrical installations.


You’ll get a stress free experience and you’ll remain in control at all times, with your instructions seamlessly implemented on your behalf. Your project manager will leave no stone unturned when it comes to finding out exactly what you’re looking for.

You’ll be kept up to date with regular updates and reports. The build is organised for maximum efficiency and productivity, and meticulously designed to meet all budgets, deadlines and expectations. Quality is scrutinised from the very beginning to the very end.

However, they won’t be afraid to go one step further and make sure that your build project lives up to your expectations and your dream results. It’s all about leaving you seriously impressed with the final build through every detail, exactly how you wanted it. That’s our main goal.


Ensuring all work is complete, including all furnishings and decorations are perfectly placed, we will ask you to approve & sign the project off.


You’ll be in control, more than you have ever been before.


A Deccori build project manager will be there to work for you .You can deliver your feedback and then leave it to your project manager, so that the design and built team will be directed accordingly.


Your Deccori project manager will understand the needs of your design team, the needs of your build team and your own needs combined. Everything is meticulously controlled and tightly choreographed to ensure a perfectly consistent and coherent build project that ticks every box.