Hammersmith House

Hammersmith House

Date January 2018
Location London, UK

Our Solutions

In this new apartment, we integrated a classy oriental style throughout the whole property. Deccori created a stunning design from the initial client concept, through costumed designs and onto the completion.

Wonderful feature walls have been installed in the hallway, master bedroom, guest bedroom and lounge, while using oriental motifs. The use of lavish oriental panels and hand painted wallpapers make this apartment particularly attractive. As this apartment is limited in its floorplan, a detailed space arrangement is vital.

All fabrics and finishes are coordinated to match or complement the rest of the furniture. We created some wondrous sets of mood lighting though the property to give the client a nice ambience in the evenings. The Chinese themes have been introduced in the cushions, wallpapers and features wall – providing the client with a strong feeling of oriental heritage.