How to Embellish the Little Spaces in your House?

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The idea is simple – if you want to utilise every inch of your home, then you would want to read further. We will delve into different ideas on how to enhance the spaces that are left once construction and interior design process is complete.


Whether you reside in a small apartment or a large mansion, the idea is that you need mirrors in your Essex house. This applies specifically if a lot of natural light does not seep into your home. In the absence of significant sunlight, we suggest adding more mirrors.

This is a useful measure that allows you to utilise space effectively as well. Mirrors reflect light to different parts of your rooms, which is why we made this recommendation and we’re supremely confident any interior design expert will approve.

Another wonderful effect of mirrors is that they make your space seem bigger than it is. This quality is important when the space is actually confined. If you are thinking of mounting a large mirror on the wall, it would do wonders for the interior design of the room.

Carpets or Rugs

Assume that you’ve selected the bed, armchair and sofa for your room. A basic ingredient you are now missing is a carpet or rug for the leftover space. If you want to utilise the free space and also complement the existing upholstery, then carpets are a delightful idea.

You can also put a rug there if you don’t like a carpet. They come in all shapes and sizes, which makes it easier to make a selection for your home. Just choose one that fits your room and place it before you move the upholstery into your room.

Alternatively, you can opt for larger carpets or rugs that cover the vast majority of the area in your room.

Smarter Choices

Speaking of upholstery, we definitely suggest picking the right sofa, armchair and bed set. Allow us to explain.

If you are not pressed for space, then this is less relevant. However, for those who have to make do with space constraints, we suggest picking the right furniture so that you make the most of the space available.

For instance, an excellent idea would be to purchase furniture that incorporates storage space within it. You could put your books there or your clothes too if you wanted. The motive is to ensure that space is utilised effectively.

Stairway Area

An often forgotten part of your home is the area under the stairway. Why not use it for storage purposes by making drawers there?

As long as you don’t overlook this part of the house, it can enable you to make the best use of the inches that essentially go to waste otherwise. Imagine the storage space that would be available if bespoke woodwork drawers were made there.

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